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Add a link to each assignment on this wiki. This link should go under the heading of the assignment. Use the following form:

Your first name and last name -- Homework - Exercise 2 - Description (optional)

Where "Exercise 2" is a link to the assignment.

Exercise 1

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 1

Kenneth Deng Exercise 1

Lee Jacob HIlado Exercise 1

Joe Exercise 1

Ru Exercise 1

Cynthia Exercise 1

Evan Something

Margaret Erlano Exercise 1

Murad Nabiev Exercise 1

Janay Exercise 1

Danny Excercise 1

Connie Exercise 1

Ian Cruz Exercise 1 -- "Let's Make Progress."

Hupaul Camacho Exercise 1

Melanie Griesemer Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 2

Ian Cruz Exercise 2 -- Rotating Marker: Drawing and Erasing

Murad Nabiev Exercise 2 -- drawing program

Ru Exercise 2

Cynthia Yin Exercise 2 -- Four Seasons

Kenneth Deng Exercise 2

Evan Pittson Psychedelic Paint / Create A U.F.O.

Margaret Erlano Exercise 2 -- Fireflies

Lee Jacob Hilado [1]

Janay Frazier Exercise 2 -- JanayFrazier_drawing

Danny Alvarez Excercise 2 Shattered

Melanie Griesemer Exercise 2

Hupaul Camacho Exercise 2 / Exercise 2 Revised / FunkyBoxes -- Has a problem of changing strokes on boxes. Hold Space to erase.

Exercise 3

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 3 -- Exercise 3 - Version 2

Ru Exercise 3

Cynthia Exercise 3

Kenneth Exercise 3 Exercise 3 Fixed

Hupaul Camacho Exercise 3 --Ehh I can't seem to implement a button effectively with the code. I wanted to put a button as an entrypoint into the drawing, like a ok or confirm button

Murad Nabiev Exercise 3 Hyperspace

Danny Alvarez Exercise 3

Evan Pittson Exercise 3

Lee Jacob HIlado [2]

Janay Frazier [3]


Melanie Griesemer Exercise 3

Ian N. Cruz Exercise 3: demo ver. 1 Exercise 3: demo ver. 2 Exercise 3: Final Working buttons and simple sprites. No animation.

Margaret Erlano Music Box Test/Attempt/WIP

Exercise 4

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 4-While Loop -- Exercise 4-For Loop

Evan Pittson For Oscillating Orbitals While While Palace

Cynthia Yin Exercise 4 For Loop Pavillion Exercise 4 While Loop Squares

Ru Zheng Exercise 4 For Loop Exercise 4 While Loop

Hupaul Camacho Exercise 4 For Loop Loads of Balls Exercise 4 While Loop They're Just Ellipses

Danny Alvarez Exercise 4 For Loop Crystal Road Exercise 4 While Loop Blobs of light

Murad Nabiev Exercise 4 For Loop For Loop Pattern Exercise 4 While Loop While Loop Pattern

Melanie Griesemer For Loop While Loop

Janay Frazier Loop_grid animated_moon

lee jacob hilado whileloop [5] revise while loop revise for loop

Margaret Erlano Exercise 4 For Loop Exercise 4 While Loop (same thing, but for while)

Ian N. Cruz Exercise 4 - While - v1 Only displays in Java (in Processing) for some reason. Exercise 4 - For - v1 Only displays in Java (in Processing) for some reason.

Exercise 5

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 5-While Loop --AND-- Exercise 5-For Loop

Ru Zheng Exercise 5 For Loop Exercise 5 While Loop

Cynthia Yin Exercise 5-For Loop Exercise 5-While Loop

Lee jacob Hilado [6] [7]

Hupaul Camacho Exercise 5-For Loop Exercise 5-While Loop

Margaret Erlano Exercise 5 For Loop Exercise 5 While Loop (same thing, but for while) clicks


Devin Rajaram -- Midterm

lee jacob hilado [8] [9] Midterm

Ian Cruz -- Midterm v1 Image having trouble displaying. Midterm FIXED Yay!

Ru Zheng Midterm It runs so slow on the web for some reason. Midterm Its fixed

Kenneth Deng Midterm

Cynthia Yin Midterm V1 Static Midterm V2 Dynamic

Janay Frazier fall

Hupaul Camacho Midterm

Murad Nabiev Midterm Rain

Margaret Erlano Emotional Bars Wishful Sky

Danny Alvarez Midterm

Evan Pittson Abstract Expressionism UPDATE

Melanie Griesemer [10]

Exercise 6

Devin Rajaram -- Exercise 6

Ian N. Cruz -- Exercise 6

Janay Frazier rays

Ru Zheng Exercise 6

Murad Nabiev Midterm OOP Remake

Cynthia Yin Exercise 6 Digital Waterfall

jacob hilado [11] Shaq

Danny Alvarez The Shooting Stars Exercise 6

Melanie Griesemer Exercise 6 Exercise 6

Margaret Erlano Wishful Sky with Shooting Stars Let It Snow

Evan Pittson Hypnosis

Exercise 7

Janay Frazier -- sketchbook

Melanie Griesemer Potato

Margaret Erlano Fireflies (redo of exercise_2 including sound and animation of wings) |Working in Java, but not in JavaScript

Murad Nabiev AudioSketch Some funny sounds

Ian Cruz AudioPlay Ship Sounds of a spaceship. LEFT CLICK = Start + Thrust. RIGHT CLICK = Brake to stop. Will be used in Final.

Evan Pittson Crisis!

Ru Zheng firework

Jacob Hilado Dogwhine

Cynthia Yin Windchimes


Jacob Hilado Molecule_Party

Cynthia Yin Petals Petals 3D ZIP Download

Danny Alvarez Starry Desert ZIP download

Ian N. Cruz Star Gate ZIP download

Devin rajaram Aurora ZIP Download

Ru Zheng Sailor Moon

Melanie Griesemer [12] Final

Murad Nabiev Musical Rockets in the Sky Zipped

Evan Pittson Final

Margaret Erlano Disney Music Box

Janay Frazier [13] Drum App

Janay Frazier [14] Animation/Sound

Hupaul Camacho Psychadelic