Exercises Monday SP2014

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Add a link to each assignment on this wiki. This link should go under the heading of the assignment. Use the following form:

Your first name and last name -- Homework - Exercise 2 - Description (optional)

Where "Exercise 2" is a link to the assignment.

Exercise 0

Ben Exercise 0

Marianna Exercise 0 - test

Joe Exercise 0

Kari Exercise 0

Michelle Exercise 0

Shiang Exercise 0

Phyllis Exercise 0

Michael Exercise 0

Exercise 1

Kari Book Lesson 01

Kari Kari Portrait

Michelle [1]

Marianna MoodPortrait PhysicalPortrait

Ben Portrait

Phyllis isitme

Michael selfie

Shiang Portrait

Exercise 2

Ben Exercise 2

Michelle - fixed! Exercise2

Kari ( my program isn't working properly in JavaScript) Exercise2

Kari(Above with edits.) Exercise2

Phyllis mybaddrawing

Marianna Exercise2

Michael Exercise 2 Ellipses Exercise 2 Lines

Exercise 3

Phyllis buttontest

Michelle [2]

Ben Exercise 3

Kari Exercise 3 in progress

Marianna Exercise 3 button

Michael [http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Michael/exercise_3/ Button- OK but not doing exactly what I expected

Michael [http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Michael/exercise_3v2 Working

Exercise 4

Phyllis while_mine Phyllis if_minemousenw

Michelle while_dock for_atlantis

Marianna while for Exercise4)

Michael http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Michael/exercise_4a/ ForLoop]

Michael http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Michael/exercise_4new/ GrowingCircle_Return_Glitch_5]

Michael http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Michael/exercise_4_Orgasm/ This one is fun. Watch it through to the end.]

Kari http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Kari/Exercise_4a/ Starry Night While Loop.]

Kari http://understandingnewmedia.com/ms2014/Kari/Exercise_4b/ Starry Night For Loop.]

Exercise 5

Phyllis HBAshley

Michelle Higher Self

Michelle Update- Higher Self with collision

Michael Birdseye Rainbow

Kari Midterm OOP, keypressed instead of mouse, minim records and plays sound in java

Kari Little Dude OOP, clouds move, mousePressed works

Kari Zip File Same as Midterm OOP above but because won't work in javascript here is zip Midterm_OOP.zip


Phyllis functionswitch. Phyllis arrayan3. Phyllis functionswitchpad. Phyllis newarr. Phyllis midterm_small. Phyllis Combotestoop.

Marianna Midterm OOP

Michelle silhouette_array

Michael rainbow taffy

Kari String Instrument version 01

Exercise 6

Phyllis Hopanim_m.

Kari Hands Image Array Animation Mouse Click.

Michelle Sagan Hubbard Head Collision attempt 1.

Exercise 7


Phyllis final.zip

Michelle final.zip


Kari little_dude_FINAL.zip

Michael HaikuGenerator.zip