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1) Export the Sketch as Javascript

  • Open your processing code in Java mode and run the sketch.


  • If it runs switch to "javascript" mode.


  • Try running the sketch again, it will open in a browser. If all is well move on!
  • In the Processing application go to sketch --> show sketch folder This should open the directory your Processing sketch is located in.
  • In the sketch directory you should see a folder named "web-export" in that folder are the 3 files you will need to upload to the class server.

Screen3 export.jpg

2) Upload the Files to the Server

You need Cyberduck or a similar sftp client to upload your work to the server.

  • To connect to the server enter in the necessary information (I will give this to you in class.)
  • Once you have logged into the server go to your folder and create a new folder to contain the setch. Give the folder the same name as your homework. If it is exercise 2 then name the directory "exercise_2."
  • Move the 3 files: processing.js, index.html, and some_name.pde into that folder.
  • You should now be able to see your sketch online at a url like the following: where user_name is the name of your folder and exercise_2 is the name of your exercise folder.

3) Link to the file on the wiki

Whew! Now let's create a link to your project on the wiki.

  • Log in to this website.
  • Go to "Exercises" in the right hand navigation
  • Under the proper exercise name click edit and add a link to your project.
  • All done!