Exercises Spring 2015

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Add a link to each assignment on this wiki. This link should go under the heading of the assignment. Use the following form:

Your first name and last name -- Homework - Exercise 2 - Description (optional)

Where "Exercise 2" is a link to the assignment.

Exercise 1

Tajh Doumbia -- Exercise 1

Katherine Avalos -- Exercise 1

Marlyn Almanzar -- Exercise 1

Yuliya Bas -- Exercise 1

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 1

Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Exercise 1

Michele Mitchell -- Exercise 1

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 1

Monica Leon -- Exercise 1

Aliana Ramdass -- Exercise 1

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 1

Jingwen Zhan -- Exercise 1

Karolyn Jimenez -- Exercise 1

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 1

David Cayole -- Exercise 1

Connie Huang --Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Katherine Avalos --Exercise 2--

Karolyn Jimenez -- Exercise 2 / Exercise 2_revised -- On the first I wanted to add thread to make it fun to draw with. That's what I did on revised, but then wasn't sure which to submit.

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 2

Aliana Ramdass -- Exercise 2-- Can't figure out how to make the image from the spacebar stay on the screen when the spacebar is released

Michele Mitchell -- Exercise 2

Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Exercise 2 -- Press the keys M, N, L, or J in combination with pressing the mouse for more actions.

Monica Leon -- Exercise 2

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 2

Marlyn Almanzar -- Exercise 2

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 2 --use any key, in combination with the mouse click event, to paint squares and circles of varying size, color and opacity

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 2

Yuliya Bas -- Exercise 2

Tajh Doumbia -- Exercise 2

Jingwen Zhan -- exercise 2

David Cayole -- Exercise 2

Connie Huang -- Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Karolyn Jimenez --Exercise 3, button1/Exercise 3, button2 -- I couldn't figure out how to time the speed or smooth down the movement. I upload both since I didn't know which best represent what I intended.

Mei Lee (Jayne) --Exercise 3 -- EDITED: Keep clicking his face!

Monica Leon --Exercise 3

Michele Mitchell -- Exercise 3

Katherine Avalos __Exercise 3Exercise_3_fixed

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 3 --not the desired effect, but close. Going to keep working on this one

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 3 -- Circuits! (Also, the turquoise button likes to function properly only occasionally, but maybe it just dislikes me...)

Aliana Ramdass -- Exercise 3 --

                 Exercise 3- Edited-- Monster? --Still don't know how to make the creature blink and make its lips move (continuously) without having to click somewhere/ something.

Marlyn Almanzar -- Exercise 3

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 3

Tajh Doumbia -- Exercise 3 -- Had some problems...

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 3

Jingwen Zhan -- Exercise 3

Yuliya Bas -- Exercise 3

David Cayole -- Exercise 3

Connie Huang -- Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Katherine Avalos -- Exercise 4: while loop /while loop interactive/ for loop/

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 4a - While loop - Exercise 4b - For loop

Karolyn Jimenez -- Exercise 4: ForLoop / WhileLoop

Michele Mitchell -- Exercise 4 ForLoop / WhileLoop

Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Exercise 4 While Loop / For Loop -- WARNING: (Avoid if you have epilepsy!) Fast flashing imagery. Don't look for too long or it might make you sick.

Yuliya Bas -- Exercise 4 ForPlaid / While Loop

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 4: forLoop_plaid / whileLoop_plaid

Aliana Ramdass -- WHILE LOOP-- Exercise 4 FOR LOOP-- Exercise 4

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 4: While Loop - Descending Stairs / For Loop - Sound Waves

Monica Leon -- Exercise 4: while loop / for loop

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 4: while loop / for loop

Tajh Doumbia -- Exercise 4: ForLoop / WhileLoop -- Had trouble expressing what I want. WILL FIX BOTH TO MY LIKING SOON ENOUGH

Jingwen Zhan -- Exercise 4: - whileLoop / - forLoop

David Cayole -- Exercise 4: - For Loop/ - While Loop

Connie Huang -- While Loop/ For Loop


Jonathan Arias -- Midterm Midterm revised

Katherine Avalos -- Midtermfirst code developed

Aliana Ramdass -- Midterm- Flashing Colors

Jingwen Zhan -- Midterm fixed

Mei Lee (Jayne) 1) -- Midterm (Version 1) -- Press any key to refresh if it gets stuck. This is more experimental. The code doesn't work the same in JavaScript. Put it into Processing using Java, and it will run better. (Sorry, it actually won't run if you copy-paste in... my images aren't in your computer!)

2) -- Midterm (Version 2) -- Not experimental, but it also incorporates functions + randomness.

Karolyn Jimenez -- Midterm_draft / Midterm_final

Yuliya Bas -- Midterm -- Only works in Java, just like Tajh's

Monica Leon -- Midterm

Michele Mitchell -- Midterm

Jennifer Maendel -- Midterm

David Cayole -- Midterm

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise5

Tajh Doumbia -- Midterm -- Only works in Java for some reason. Uncomment music codes for unwanted noise! (Explicit lyrics)

Kia Delgado-- Midterm v1 / Midterm v2 - No Control

Connie Huang -- Midterm

Exercise 6

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 6

Karolyn Jimenez -- Ex.5 SoapBubbles / Ex.5 FishTank

Yuliya Bas -- Exercise 6

Katherine Avalos -- Exercise 6

Aliana Ramdass -- Exercise 6

Jingwen Zhan -- Exercise 6 fixed!!

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 6 - Working Version

Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Exercise 6 - Click and hold down to reveal.

Monica Leon -- Exercise 6

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 6

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 6

David Cayole -- Exercise 6

Minim Class Demos

Log into cyberduck to view the examples from class in the folder zoe_b

also see the blog for reference code and homework assignment

Exercise 7

Aliana Ramdass-- Exercise 7

Tajh Doumbia-- Exercise 7

Yuliya Bas-- Exercise 7

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 7

Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Exercise 7

Karolyn Jimenez -- Exercise 7 / Ex.7_Fireworks.mp4 / Ex.7_Fireworks.gif

Jingwen Zhan -- Exercise 7

Monica Leon -- Exercise 7-single ellipse / Exercise 7-ellipse trail

Kia Delgado -- Exercise 7

Katherine Avalos-- Exercise 7

Jonathan Arias -- Exercise 7

Jennifer Maendel -- Exercise 7

David Cayole -- Exercise 7/ Zip file


Yuliya Bas-- Final
Needs to be unzipped and played in Java. Since I won't be in class, I would like to know what everyone thinks of this. Press 'S' to skip through a song,'P' for pause, 'R' for resume, '1' for song 1, '2' for song 2, '3' for song 3, and '4' for song 4
(Song 1-- IAMX- Nature of Inviting , Song 2-- The Kills- Satellite, Song 3-- Lady Gaga- Electric Chapel, Song 4-- Stromae- Meltdown (feat. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, Haim))
Karolyn Jimenez -- MerryGoRound2D -ZIPfile / MerryGoRound3D -ZIPfile
I Changed a bit of what my proposal was intended. The Proposal idea was to create a merry go round with buttons to enable interactivity that would cause some change in the scene. Instead I end up exploring the two different dimensions (2D and 3D) creating different versions of the Carousel. Thought neither of them are finished as neither have the horses as I intended. There is music, but the first program I took it off, so it could play in javascript. Still it doesn't play well in javascript. Specially the 3D.
Tajh Doumbia -- Final
Must be unzipped. Had fun being a "producer".
Mei Lee (Jayne) -- Final
Zip file. I made a simple music video for the Korean song Reset by Tiger JK feat. Jinshil. No interaction necessary, just sit back and watch.

Aliana Ramdass -- Final Unfortunately couldn't make the colors sync up with the beat of the songs.

Kia Delgado -- Final - Thinking States

Frantz Casimir -- Exercise 8 Press or Hold the "a", "s", "d", "f" and "g" keys to change animation background. Mouse press and hold/drag to introduce scene and resize in the sketch

Jingwen Zhan -- Ambush from ten sides

David Cayole -- Final

Katherine Avalos -- Final

Jennifer Maendel -- Final

Jonathan Arias -- Final Project File - Video samples: Under the Sea Animaniacs Mario 2 - Overworld TMNT Nyan Cat theme This is basically a music visualization sketch that receives MIDI input from an external application and converts the data into shapes. Check the project page for instructions on how to run it.

Monica Leon -- - circle drawings / - circle player